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Family Yoga for Purple Day Details

Our first big event for Purple Day is coming together. Unfortunately we could not secure a space on Purple Day, but we’ll be gather just 2 days later with the same purpose in an awesome space which just so happens to be a large PURPLE dance studio! The ARTS Project of Orange County is a brand new space offering one stop for all of the arts from vocal coaching and music to painting and acting. They have generously donated the purple room for our event. We’ve got raffle items from Arbonne, Bella Colina Golf Club, SoCal Bootcamp, Total Body Conditioning and we’re working on more. Registration will begin outside Studio D at 6pm with our class beginning at 6:30. We’ll wrap up the class at 7:15 and announce the raffle winners. I hope you’ll join us!
Purple Day 2014

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LA Times Reports on Meditation Practice in School

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this piece in the LA Times on cultivating mindfulness through meditation techniques in school aged children. Teaching kids to be aware of themselves, their feelings, their surroundings, the feelings of others only helps to nurture empathetic, compassionate and well rounded individuals. The world could use more of them! Read the full article here…,0,3995267.story#axzz2urFSNPaF


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Purple Day is Coming Soon

Purple Day 2014

As some of my readers know, my children’s yoga practice was started following my daughter’s Epilepsy diagnosis. I was looking for alternative ways to help her with this seizure disorder and came across studies regarding yoga and epilepsy therapy. I became certified in kids yoga and started my practice that same year. Since then, she has become an amazing little yogi and is celebrating one year seizure free (with medications and alternative therapies). Last month, we discovered her condition is genetic, as my son began experiencing seizures as well. So I can’t express to you how close Epilepsy Awareness is to my heart. This year I’d like to make a BIG deal of Purple Day. We’ve been surrounded by so much love and support throughout this experience, but my kids still struggle with how people will react to them if they know about their condition. Purple Day is a chance to increase awareness, let people know it’s ok, they can continue to live their lives to the fullest, find treatment that works for them, educate people on seizure first aid and just come together a as community.
This Family Yoga lass is open to all ages. No kids? No problem. Just be ready to have a little fun with your yoga practice! Kids, come and PLAY yoga with us! You don;t have to know someone with Epilepsy to join us. This is a community event for all!
We also have a team participating in the Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County’s fundraising walk in May so donations for our team will be accepted. We’ll have first aid info available and raffle tickets for some awesome items given with all donations.
We are currently looking for a space to host this event in the San Clemente/Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano area and are accepting donations of raffle items as well. Please stay tuned for more info as it develops and feel free to contact me with any questions or support!

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New Parent/Toddler Yoga Class

The Playful Practice will be joining San Clemente Dance and Performing Arts for Parent/Tot Yoga Saturday Mornings at 9am. This class will be FREE for drop ins the remainder of January.

Toddlers will breath with Bumble, Lion’s breath & more, learn poses through storytelling and songs, develop body awareness, social skills, confidence and strengthen the parent child bond as mom or dad plays along and provides loving support in this 45 minute class. I’ll also show you some fun little games that can be helpful in curbing normal toddler tantrums!

With a minimum of 5 we will launch the class Feb 1st! All registrations will be handled through the studio. Come play yoga with us!


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Take 5 with The Playful Practice

Have you been catching our Take 5 videos? Each Thursday we post a short video with a yoga pose or game to practice in just 5 minutes at home with your kids. Videos are posted to our Youtube Channel and our Facebook page at Check them out and come PLAY yoga with us from home!

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Winter Family Yoga Workshop

Join us on a yoga adventure to the North Pole! Saturday December 14th, 10:30-11:30am. Kids ages 3-10 with parent(s). Please call 760-889-3829 to register. Space is limited! $20 per family

winter family yoga

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New class in San Clemente THIS WEEK

The Playful Practice has added a kids yoga class for ages 6-10 on Wednesdays, 4:15-5:05. Join us for sun salutations to warm up our bodies, a yoga adventure story to embrace our creativity and expand our imaginations while learning poses, breathing techniques that are both fun and useful off the mat, games that promote concentration, focus, teamwork and more, and the time for relaxation that we all need!

(If you are following our Facebook page you know) Our theme for the month is developing an “Attitude of Gratitude” and all our activities this month will relate to that theme. It’s such a wonderful time of year to dive into yoga practice and really embrace what we can learn from the season!

Drop in rate $15, 10 class punch cards available for $129

For questions or more info give Amber a call at 760-889-3829
2013-10-22 15.44.41

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Kids Yoga: More Than Just A Pose

A couple of weeks ago we spent the day at LEGOLAND in celebration of my 9-year-old daughter’s birthday. We love it there because it’s not too large and overwhelming and it seems to have a little something for everyone to enjoy. It was a beautifully warm, southern California summer day so we spent the first half of the day at the water park splashing amidst the sea of happy kiddos. My youngest is just over a year old and was loving the sandy play area with the giant foam Legos just outside of the water slides. There aren’t a ton of the Legos spread around to play with but there were only 2 or 3 families in the area and plenty to go around until….

A family with kids I’d guess between 6 and 10 years old decided to build a house. Not a little house, but a house the kids could fit inside. They started building it up using the blocks near them but soon ventured out for more, wiping out the pile belonging to another boy while he took a break for a snack and then creeping in and snagging one at a time, closer and closer to my kids. My 9-year-old had a small pile she was teaching the baby to build with and looked up nervously as she realized they were being swindled.

My husband graciously let them know they had already collected all the free Legos, that we were using these, and they scurried back to their fortress. These parents had not only forgotten to teach their kids about sharing, but had encouraged them to go and take whatever they could, including stealing Legos from a baby.

I tried not to judge them. Its sort of the way of our society right? Acquire more, more, more? It was just so disheartening to see this next generation of youth being taught to live that way.

I asked my older daughter what she thought about the situation and she said “Asteya”. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see her make that connection! Asteya is one of the Yamas in yoga: A guiding set of principles to apply to how we live, how we practice self-restraint. Asteya means not stealing, not feeling a lack of abundance that causes us to take more than we need. There are many ways to interpret and apply this principle but with kids we keep it simple! We talk about not stealing time from class by speaking out of turn or being disruptive. We talk about not stealing materials from other kids at school. Simply and practically we talk about Asteya and what it means to us off the yoga mats. And my daughter found a perfect situation to understand it outside of our studio.

There is a quote that I love, untitled

And here is where yoga practice comes in and teaches so much more than poses and breathing, even in to our tiniest yogis!

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New Fall Schedule

I’m so excited for the fall season. This season of change brings up so many wonderful class themes that I can’t wait to share with you all. Come and join us!

Tuesday 11am Parent/Tot Yoga at San Clemente Dance and Performing Arts, 1321 Calle Avanzado. Ages (approx.)2-5 with parent/caregiver. This class uses lots of songs and storytelling to get little ones to learn poses and breathing. A wonderful playgroup atmosphere with a chance to learn body awareness and social skills prepping for school.

Tuesday 3pm Girl Power Yoga at Total Body Conditioning, 1502 N El Camino Real San Clemente. Ages 7-12 Our girls practice strength of mind, body and spirit with challenging poses, fun character building games, breathwork for focus and discussions of the yamas/niyamas.

Wednesday 10am Parent/Tot Yoga at Babies in Bloom, 1988 Hacienda Dr Vista (see description above)

Friday 11am Parent/Tot Yoga at San Clemente Dance and Performing Arts

Need a class that’s not listed? Contact us! We are always happy to add classes. Also check back often for special events!

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Countdown to Back To School

Its Make Something Monday and today we made a countdown to the first day of school. Instead of the traditional chain link we made it a fan for the summer heat 😉 Each strip has something my daughter enjoys about school so that each day we tear off a strip the fan will get smaller, signifying cooler weather, and she can build her excitement by reading something she is looking forward to! All you need are some strips of paper, a marker and stapler.

2013-08-19 12.40.49 2013-08-19 13.07.42

For our North County friends who started today, have them write down something fun/special/memorable each day for the first X number of days, then assemble into a fan (or keep in a jar) to encourage mindfulness. Then if they have a rough day and are dwelling on the negative later in the year they can look back and be reminded of the fun stuff too!


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