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Take 5 with The Playful Practice

Have you been catching our Take 5 videos? Each Thursday we post a short video with a yoga pose or game to practice in just 5 minutes at home with your kids. Videos are posted to our Youtube Channel and our Facebook page at Check them out and come PLAY yoga with us from home!

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Take 5 – Mirror Hands

Well I’ve been a little technically challenged with our Take 5 segment, so for now I’ll post photo the article here and link the video on our facebook page….

Our theme in class was Connection, and this little activity is a wonderful way to connect with your child. We are developing eye contact and teaching focus with Mirror Hands. Eye contact is a sign of respect, confidence, appreciation and understanding; an important social skill! And this little game is one of the fun ways we get kids to understand what it means to focus. I’ve also found Mirrors Hands can be incredibly useful with antsy kids waiting in line! If your little ones are rifling through the candy bars in the grocery aisle or giving you the “how much looonger” mopey face this is a wonderful way to redirect their attention.

You can watch a video of a couple of my yogis partnering in class on our page at

Partners will make eye contact and place their hands up, palms facing out, like they are going to play pat-a cake but not actually touch hands. About an inch apart.

Without discussing who will lead, one partner will begin to slowly move hands up and down, side to side, on at a time or both together. The other partner must maintain eye contact and use peripheral vision to follow with their hands as closely as possible. At any time the leader can change and the other partner can initiate the motion.

This can go on for as short or as long a time as you need it to. Something interesting to notice: Is your child frequently taking the lead? Are they more content to follow your lead? Do you trade places back and forth?

Have fun with this! And let me know in the comments how and when you have incorporated this Take 5 into your day!

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