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October: Welcome Fall and Halloween





We had a fantastic October! Our theme all month was fall.

We opened the month with a changing seasons class, exploring vinyasa and “changing” poses as the seasons change. We talked about letting go, like the trees let go of old leaves. We were bears gathering fish and berries to prepare for hibernation, migrating birds and whales, round pumpkins and of course trees.

The next week was our apple orchard class. We sang a fun little song, standing in tree pose, that even our older girls got a kick out of. Big thanks to The George Center for Music Therapy, Inc.: We played Tall Tree Small Tree, Read Apple Farmer Annie and made Apple Pie using foam roller massage.

Pumpkin Day was a great class as well as we explored poses using the flexibility of our spine to make round shapes. We used the ball and bosu ball to stretch and support, created a pumpkin patch group pose and did lots of rocking and rolling.

With 5 classes in October we got to celebrate with two Halloween themed classes. The first ones creating spooky trees, skeletons, flying bats, witches on a broom, half moon, howling werewolves and more. The last class of the month was our Halloween costume party. We set up an obstacle course and created a story together that led us through the course. Each student had a pose to incorporate in our story moving through the obstacles. We had a cat chasing a bat through a tunnel and a spider hiding in a pumpkin. We wrapped up by making a fall leaf crown. It was a great little intro to the crown chakra and the gratitude theme that will take over for the month of November.

Every week these kids are learning, playing and exploring. Their poses get stronger, their breathing more focused and their excitement continues to grow!