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September Theme: Back To School

This past month our classes have all had a Back To School theme. We started the month by creating a Back To School Toolbox full of breathing techniques to use in different situations at school. I actually wrote about the Back To School Toolbox over at another blog I contribute to. It’s a California Lifestyle blog with a wonderful group of women we call Daisy Tribe. So swing by and check it out for details!

Each week we opened class by discussing the “tools” and any time throughout the past week that the kids used the tools at school. It’s been a wonderful discussion topic, especially for me as a teacher, to see how the kids are taking their yoga skills off the mat!

Our asana practice has focused on the alphabet. We gone from A-Z and taken turns coming up with a pose beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Some are traditional yoga poses, some are made up with sheer creativity and some are traditional poses cleverly renamed! I had Eagle pose with a deeper bend in the knee turned into Quail pose and Wild Thing renamed Zunicorn! I love the creativity and imagination that comes out in these games!

We also completed my favorite yoga art project of the year! We created poses for the first letter of each child’s name. I edited them in Flickr to turn them black and white, then used a filter to draw the letter over the pose in color. The focus is on the creativity and expression of the pose, with a subtle nod to the letter. The kids absolutely loved seeing themselves in the poses and it gave the parents a sweet momento of our classes as well. We cut them out, used Mod Podge to stick them to inexpensive foam boards for “framing” and attached ribbon with a hole punch to hang them. The finished product is beautiful and such a wonderful way to wrap up our theme for the month.


Some of our letters (we even had a little brother join in to make his!) 

And the finished product!
15409915231_f698f7c492_z 15226414110_4ebc6587d7_z 15390061326_3d9dc9d3c8_z




I’ve really enjoyed this month!  I can’t wait to see how these wonderful kids inspire me next month!




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