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Countdown to Back To School

Its Make Something Monday and today we made a countdown to the first day of school. Instead of the traditional chain link we made it a fan for the summer heat šŸ˜‰ Each strip has something my daughter enjoys about school so that each day we tear off a strip the fan will get smaller, signifying cooler weather, and she can build her excitement by reading something she is looking forward to! All you need are some strips of paper, a marker and stapler.

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For our North County friends who started today, have them write down something fun/special/memorable each day for the first X number of days, then assemble into a fan (or keep in a jar) to encourage mindfulness. Then if they have a rough day and are dwelling on the negative later in the year they can look back and be reminded of the fun stuff too!


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Family Yoga in the Park

I’m always a little nervous heading into a family yoga class. In my regular classes we break the groups up by age so I can make sure all activities are age appropriate. In a family class there is a huge mix in ages and it can be a little more difficult to plan ahead. I go into all classes with a general idea and room to stray based on the mood of the class that day, but family yoga means I need to be more prepared and even more flexible!

I hosted a family yoga session on Friday, nervous about the turnout and the lesson plan…. and had a BLAST. (Literally as we practiced Rocket Breath!) We had a wonderful group who all had a great time. We were blasting off like rockets, roaring like lions, flying like super heroes and snuggled up with our kids ranging in age from 1-12 (as even my own youngest and oldestĀ joined in)Ā for Savasana. Play is good for all of us, not just our kids. Laughter, sunshine and fresh air are medicine for our souls. The bond between parent and child, trying something new, supporting eachother (as parents are better at some poses while kids get to see that they are better at others!) and playing together create and foster the greatest bond.

We’ll be hosting another free family yoga in the park session at Shadowridge Park in Vista on the 30th. Join us if you can!

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Namaste… and PLAY!

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New Study Looks at Yoga as “Medicine” for Youth Anxiety

This article makes me happy. I love to see more studies on the benefits of yoga. The evidence is always good and I hope to see it looked at as so much more than recreation, especially for kids with “special needs”. Duke University will look at using yoga as complementary medicine for children’s mental and physical health.

I’m a strong believer that medication should not be our first resort when dealing with what ails us. I’m not so strong in opposition to pharmaceuticals that I don’t vaccinate, or use medication (my daughter with epilepsy is on a low dose of anti-seizure meds). Some drugs have their place, but look at this 9 year old who is now migraine free without meds! Proper diet, yoga, sunshine and fresh air… Sounds likeĀ the right prescription to me!

Read more about thisĀ latest study here



Yoga Rocks the Park This weekend!

There’s something almost magical about practicing yoga outside, feeling the breeze on your cheeks while you focus on breath, the warmth of the sun on your skin in sun salutations, noticing the strength of the trees while you balance in the pose…. It’s a wonderful way to connect to your practice or just to try yoga as something new. Join that with lots of yogis around you breathing energy and life and you’ve got something you don’t want to miss!

Join Yoga Rocks the Park in Carlsbad this Sunday, August 4th. Get in a great practice for yourself while the kids join the ever-fabulous Jodi Komitor, Next Generation Yoga Founder, for their own kids class.

You can pre-register online for less than your average drop in rate and 10% of net proceeds go to the Sean O’Shea Foundation & Kids for Peace (which I invite you to check out!)

The Playful Practice is not connected to this event, but my daughter and I will be there so join us!


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