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New Summer Session at Asana Fit

The Playful Practice is super excited for new summer classes at San Clemente’s Best Award winning studio, asana FIT. Bring the kids, ages 7-12 over to the Moon studio so you can continue your practice in the Sun studio with a 75 minute Vinyasa Power Flow.

The kids will get in their own asana and pranayama practice, work on yoga art and learn about 1 of the yamas/niyamas each class. It’s like a mini summer camp!

We have class running Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 30th – August 29th. Drop off will begin at 9:15, pick up by 11 (actual instruction from 9:30-10:45).

Don’t miss out on your practice, or commit to a month of something new, and have the kids reap the benefits too with The Playful Practice. Nurturing strength of mind, body & spirit to help kids lead healthy, happy lives!

Drop In Rate $18

10 class package $130

Namaste!2013-04-30 14.29.51

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Here’s a quick activity to do with the kids that will leave them with lots of creative, sensory play!

You’ll need:

1 Tsp Borax

1/2 cup hot water

1 cup (2 bottles) Elmer’s

3/4 cup cold water

2 bowls


2013-07-08 13.16.11

Mix the Cold water and glue in one bowl until combined







mix the hot water and Borax until disolved

2013-07-08 13.32.41

Slowly combine the glue/water with the Borax







We don’t use food coloring for anything at home but if you have some you could add it as well to change the color. I would love to see if beet juice would “stick” or if that would would make a hand-stained mess 🙂

I had the kids read and follow the directions on their own, just standing by to supervise. Try it out and have fun playing with this gooey, bouncy stuff!

2013-07-08 13.33.58

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Thank You Judge Meyer

Kids in Encinitas Schools get to continue a ground breaking program incorporating yoga into their curriculum. Judge Meyer determined that while yoga practice has its roots in Eastern Religions, children’s yoga classes have been stripped of religious undertones and simply teach the physical practice (this program doesn’t even teach any Sanskrit names of poses). Schools are already seeing more calm, focused and physically active kids as a result.

As I am currently reading “Om Schooled” by Sarah Herrington, I am so excited to know this entire district can continue their school yoga program and know that these kids are being given priceless tools that will help them in class and in life!

You can read more about the ruling here,0,4780698.story or



Finding the time to slooooow down

Just when I thought we were in for a nice relaxing summer free of rigid schedules and carpools… My son made the All-Star team for baseball. We are thrilled for him and excited to play, but I find down time to be so important. We had a team meeting over the weekend that one player missed because he was at water polo. We ran into a former teammate last night at dinner who made the 10 year old All-Star team but missed a practice because of Rugby.

A big part of the challenge of filling a kids yoga class for me has been that kids here are already so “booked” with activities. Sports, music, whatever it may be they have multiple classes/practices/commitments going at the same time. Add more than 1 child to the mix and you have a mom that has a color coded schedule on her at all times to know which way to turn next.

I won’t get in to commitments and over-extending our kids in this post. We live (here) in Southern California where our kids can play all the sports they love year round and I get it. The activities of the weekend just got me thinking about how important it is to get them to slow down, enjoy the moment and appreciate the opportunities they have. It’s hard, even for me! I attempt a home yoga practice but with 3 kids, 2 businesses, 2 dogs, 1 husband and a house to run its rare that I get enough time to really immerse myself in practice. I HAVE to go to a yoga class. There are always 5 reasons nagging me not  to go as I try to walk out the door and I’m usually still debating even leaving as I start my engine or begin the walk to the studio. Once in class I cherish the time in quiet, focused practiced. I am grateful that I stepped onto the mat and I leave feeling physically and mentally refreshed and ready to tackle the chaos of life with a more present perspective.

Don’t our kids deserve, and NEED, that quiet time too? Are they really present and enjoying each sport they play when they are hustling from one to the next? Are they appreciating the time and effort it takes for them to be able to attend everything they’d like to? Yoga helps kids slow down enough to practice gratitude. To notice the little things about the games they love. The pop of a baseball as it hits the catchers mitt. The smell of fresh-cut grass on the field. The cold of the water when they first dive in. The little things that should be planted like seeds in their memories to be cherished as they grow in fondness as time and age go by. Just like they practice on the field they need to practice being present in the moment. They need to practice the focus it requires to be successful in athletics. They need to practice how to stay calm and centered when things don’t go their way. They need to practice gratitude for the opportunity to play.

And what about the physical toll on those developing bodies? What are we doing to prevent injury and assure they can keep playing their sport in the years to follow? Strengthening supporting muscles, stretching frequently used muscles and allowing the nervous system to process that work is hugely important for a healthy athlete. More and more we see professional athletics organizations adding yoga to their training regime for good reason. They know they need to counteract the stress put on their bodies.

So if we are going to load up our kids schedules with sports and scouts and arts and everything else they have an interest in let’s add one more class in there to help them stay grounded, stay healthy and keep it all in perspective. Get them to yoga. Commit to at least 6 weeks and watch the benefits of yoga practice manifest before your eyes. And while they are at it, try a class for yourself too! Or check out a family class and spend some quality time together. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!


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