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Kids Yoga Summer Camp

Kids Yoga Summer Camp

With The Playful Practice

  •   Develop strength & flexibility with yoga asana on the beach
  •   Increase focus and self-confidence through breathwork and “meditation”
  •   Inspire creativity with arts & crafts projects as well as storytelling
  •   Nurture an attitude of gratitude through mindfulness practice and giving back activities
  •   Enjoy a small group environment with individual attention


Tuesdays & Thursdays (closed 7/15 through 7/26)

Full Day 9am-3pm $140/week              

*Half Day AM 9am-12pm $75/week

*Half Day PM 12pm-3pm $75/week

*half day space permitting – camp limited to 8 children


Best for kids ages 7-12 years old

Healthy snacks and materials provided

Please pack a nutritious lunch in re-usable containers (if possible)

Contact Amber at 760-889-3829 to register


The Playful Practice is located inside

Total Body Conditioning

1502 N El Camino Real


*Camp will be held at 307 Acebo Lane, walking distance to the San Clemente Pier for daily yoga practice and beach activities.


Activities will be planned/announced weekly based on our theme, for example gratitude, service, self confidence, respect etc, and include:

Walk to pier for beach yoga practice (daily)

Beach play (bring sunscreen, swimsuits, towels, boogie boards, etc)

Create and run a lemonade stand near the pier and donate proceeds to a local charity of kids choice

Planting herbs to take home

Crafting flower pots, mandalas, friendship bracelets, upcycled crafts and more

Walk to Avenida Del Mar for frozen yogurt (bring $$)

Helping prep healthy snacks and discussing food choices

Team/confidence building activities


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Introducing Take 5!

Take 5 is a great way to add a little yoga to your day! Each week, The Playful Practice will post a 5 minute yoga practice to follow at home. Just 5 minutes to take a few cleansing breaths, get a little stretch and most importantly connect with your child! We may have a good morning exercise, something to settle us to sleep or just a fun way to pop some spontaneous play and bonding into a busy day.

Check back every Tuesday and Take 5 for yoga play.

*This can also be a wonderful way to “re-direct” behavior in our preschool aged kids, rather than a time out. Make sure to ask at the end “How do you feel now?”


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Back to Nature

We decided to venture away from our normal weekend at the beach and go hiking on Easter Sunday. A short drive into Trabuco Canyon brought us to Holy Jim Trail. We aren’t avid hikers so we did some research and heard this was a family friendly hike with the promise of a waterfall at the end! We were in for a bumpy ride and a practice in patience as well as mindfulness!

We read that the road to the trail was bumpy… and boy was that an understatement! My little Equinox has never crossed creeks or driven It wasn’t a calm ride, as beautiful as the scenery was, with the baby in the car and all of us knocking about just trying to get to our destination. I had to remind myself to BREATHE. Eventually, going 2 miles an hour up a 4 mile road takes a while, we gave up and found a spot to pull to the side of the road. Tension was a little too much so we got out.

A few deep breaths of fresh air helped a lot! There was a stream running past with a small pool formed between huge rocks. A group of older teens were  there watching their two dogs leap from the rocks into the water to retrieve huge branches like little sticks. It was wildly entertaining and a reminder that even though we hadn’t reached our destination we had found this beautiful pool with these funny dogs and we could enjoy our journey right where we were at!

We spent some time climbing rocks, exploring the stream, marveling at trees and practicing some yoga poses in this serene setting.. Mindful of the beauty around, the time together with nothing to do and nowhere to be and the lesson that we shouldn’t focus on the destination and miss the journey.

IMAG1054 IMAG1064 IMAG1051 IMAG1061 IMAG1060 IMAG1059 IMAG1066 IMAG1067


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