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Help for the Summer Melt-Down

It’s almost time for summer vacation! Either your kids will be home more with you trying to find activities to keep them busy or they will be at camps using all that energy all day long. Either way, boredom, tiredness, heat, new peers and many more factors contribute to the inevitable occasional melt down. Your 3 year old’s arms stiffly crossed with lips pursed tight and a nothing-you-say-will-get-through-to her attitude, or your 8-year-old who accidentaly-on-purpose smashes his little brother’s Lego masterpiece…. Never fun. How can we create something positive from it? How can you make it a “teaching moment” at home?

Well I have our regular yoga practice to refer back to at home – either a reminder discussion of Ahimsa (non-violence) or some calming breath exercises, but sometimes a little distraction helps too. Offer a lesson through a book! The illustrations will give your child something other than you or their negative emotions to focus on and there are a few that will teach exactly what you want to say in that moment!

I would say for the 7 and up, maybe as low as 5, a must-have story is Moody Cow Meditates by Kerry Le MacLean. The back fo the book reads “It all started one stupid, rotten day when everything went wrong…” and follows Peter, now known around the neighborhood as Moody Cow, through a series of frustration building circumstances. Eventually he blows of steam in a way that could only get him in more trouble! But thanks to a creative and kid friendly meditation led by grampa, he finds a way to calm his anger. There are even instructions in the back of the book to lead the meditation with a fantastic home-made prop at home. We do this meditation, or centering exercise in my class and my kids (in class AND at home) love it!

For the younger ones, we picked up this book on a family trip to the aquarium. My daughter had developed quite the attitude for whatever reason and this spoke to us at the gift shop. The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Dieson follows a grumpy little fish who encounters lots of friends who try to cheer him up, but he thinks that’s just the way he is. Until one day kindness from a beautiful stranger shows him that attitude is always a choice.

I HIGHLY recommend adding both to your summer library!


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Aventura and North Miami Beach Classes Postponed

Classes at Aventura Community Center and Aventura Dance Studio are postponed pending the arrival of our newest baby girl. My bump has gotten too big to do most poses these days; Upward Dog looks more like Beached Whale!

We will resume with new classes, times AND locations in the fall! Enjoy your summers and stay tuned to the blog. I’ll post tips on bringing yoga home so you and your little ones can continue practice, keep the peace, stay active and join us again soon!



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Study on Yoga and Stress in Teens

Yoga, good for teens? If you ask me they need it MOST!

“And now, a study shows that yoga does confer benefits to teens. The research is published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics.”

Read on here

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High Schools in Canada Offering Yoga for PE credit!

And the unexpected result of a “PE Class”…. “Kids are being kinder and more compassionate and we’re noticing that the whole culture of schools is changing,” she said….


Read the full article here



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